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Japan: A Taste of Satisfaction

It had been far too long since my last visit to Japan (four years ago). During the fall season of 2016, I was reminiscing with a friend about my former travels and the incredible times that made that trip one of my life’s most memorable experiences. Reflecting upon that amazing trip sparked an instant desire to return as soon as possible. Musing at the prospect of spending time in Japan quickly developed into plans to return before the year’s end. My goal was simply to once again experience joy and excitement while visiting this wonderful country.

Highlights of my trip were:

  • Experiencing the Robot Show in Shinjuku. ロボットショーはたのしい!
  • Visiting Hakone. 箱根
  • Getting a chance to visit with amazing people. Wish there was more time. 😥
  • Eating tons of Ramen らーめん, Sushi すし, and Curry カレー. 😋
  • Asking for approval to photograph a stranger. あなたのしゃしんおとってもいですか? 
  • Seeing Mt. Fuji from Tokyo and Hakone. 富士山
  • Having a chance to reflect on my thoughts, goals, and values.

The spontaneity and ability to travel solo during this trip has made me proud. I withdraw from this short journey with experiences, videos, and photos as a memento to hold my curiosity. I miss Japan and yearn to return very soon.

Please enjoy my photo journal: